I love beer. I drink beer. I brew beer.
My basement brewery produces distinct beers regularly.
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October 2001

Punkin' Porter

An aromatic, hearty, and woodsy porter flavored with the season's fresh pumpkin harvest. A rich, autumnal flavor snap, rowdy and rockin'...I need more!

December 2001


Fabulous fragrant tongue-tinglin' holiday brew
that is full-bodied but smooth, lightly spiced 
but also mellow and creamy. Fabulous!

December 2001

Super Stout

Spicy and hardy with lick of licorice, robust yet smooth with a frothy bouquet. Full-bodied creamy head with a hint of java. Definitely a "head" above the rest!.

Summer  2002

Kranberry Kreme Krolsch

A full-flavored "kolsch"-style German ale made with fresh cranberries.


April 2002

Cabin Fever Lager

The best darn hooch ever brewed in them there hills! A refreshingly smooth, full-bodied lager, with a subtle touch of all natural honey which creates a slightly sweet finish.

March  2002

Butter & Eggs Brew

A fine refreshing but hearty honey ale brewed just for the Petaluma Butter & Eggs Parade festivities!

dunkel1.jpg (20058 bytes) April  2002

Kurtmeister's Dunkelweizen

Frothy, rich dark wheat brew.

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phillyale.jpg (14335 bytes) In the works...

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